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Web Advertising Options

Whether your objective is to increase awareness of your business or simply to sell products and/or services directly from your Web site, MuslimBusinessUSA.com can help you. Thousands of Muslim businesses are already using their Web presence on MuslimBusinessUSA.com to gain market exposure and competitive advantage.

MuslimBusinessUSA.com has a strong presence in your target market, and it puts your business right at the fingertips of consumers who are ready to buy. MuslimBusinessUSA.com provides an alternative venue where your business and your consumer can meet and make a deal.

MuslimBusinessUSA.com has 4 different advertising options to suit your specific needs and budget:

FREE Listing | Deluxe Listing | One Page Website | Website Design

FREE Listing

MuslimBusinessUSA.com will list your business name, address, city, state, phone and fax number in the USA Muslim Business Directory for FREE. The Free Business listing includes:
  • Updates
  • E-mail address link
  • Multiple category listing
Listing Tips
  1. It is important to fill out the form completely and include as many forms of contact information (street address, telephone, fax, email, etc.) as possible. Viewers are more likely to use a business that is easy to contact and provides plenty of information about its products/services.
  2. Take advantage of the Multiple Category options in the Muslim Business Directory listing. Look at the Categories in our list and think of all the categories where your business might be related, and have it listed there. For example, if you have an Islamic clothing store you could list your business under Clothes & Accessories, Islamic clothing, and Gift Shops. The same applies if you have travel agency, you could list your business under Travel Agency, Travel-Tour Agents and Hajj and Umrah.
  3. Your business information at MuslimBusinessUSA.com is your calling card. Be sure to tell people you are listed at MuslimBusinessUSA.com so they can conveniently find your business address, phone numbers, and even a map to your business when they need it.
  4. Your listing information is quickly and easily updated. If it happens that you have to relocate your business or change phone numbers or any other information indicated in the listing, inform us of the necessary changes and the information can be updated within 24 hours.

Click here to list your business for free.
Note: Web Pages and Website Links are not included.

Deluxe Listing

Make the most out of your inclusion in the Muslim Business Directory, by adding your web site link to the Director if you are a Muslim business owner and already have a web site. You can have your web site link added to the Muslim Business Director for a fee of $20 per year. This fee goes towards maintaining and updating the Muslim business directory, so we can provide the Muslim community with the latest information on Muslim businesses in the USA, to benefit both the Muslim community and Muslim businesses. But for Islamic schools, mosques, and Islamic centers, they can link their web sites to the Muslim Business Directory at no cost, as our public service to the Muslim community.

For Muslim business owners without websites, our partner design firm, Aladeen Design and Marketing Inc., will design for you the website that fits your business needs. Choose from a colorful One-Page Web Site to a powerful customized Website. You can get your one-page web site for only $99 – a huge discount from its true value of $199. Visit our partner firm’s website at aladeendesign.com for more details and samples.

You may also have you web site hosted with our partner, aladeendesign.com, who offer affordable hosting packages starting at $4.95 per month. When you have your web site hosted with us, the web site link to our Muslim Business Directory will be provided free of charge.

Or if you wish, you may also move your site to be hosted with our partner company, aladeendesign.com, which will give you the power and reliability you need. Our powerful, safe, and secure hosting servers allow access to your web content on 24/7 basis. We will be glad to move at no cost your existing site to our server to be hosted by Aladeen Design. The Deluxe Business listing includes:

  • Listing Updates
  • E-mail address link
  • Web site link
  • Multiple category listings [up to 3 categories per business]
Click here for your Deluxe Listing

One Page Website

Perhaps your Muslim business product line is not very extensive or your services are not so varied. Most of us have simple businesses that we want to be exposed on the Web, to create awareness of our Muslim business, but we do not need to have so many web pages devoted to it.

No problem! Our partner Web design company, Aladeen Design and Marketing Inc., will design an effective One Page Website. In addition to basic information about your business, it will feature a site map and will be designed for good aesthetics by our staff of trained graphic designers. All of these and more, you will get for only $99 – which is a huge discount from the full value of $199. We will work with you to produce the best design at the most competitive prices to suit your budget.

Once your website is constructed, you may have your web site hosted with MuslimBusinessUSA.com and our partner company, www.aladeendesign.com, for very affordable packages starting at $4.95 per month. When you have your website hosted with us, you can get a web site link to the Muslim Business Directory for free.

The one page website will include:

  • Domain Name and renewal
  • Email Addresses
  • Graphic Design for 1 page Website
  • Typesetting (you provide the text and photos)
  • Basic updates
  • Map
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One Page Website Samples

Mohamed Halaal Market
Al-Marwah Halal Market
Abu Khodr Catering
Middle East Grocery
Travel Agency
Computer and Service

Website Design Packages

When your business’ Web exposure needs expands and you need to put more information about it, the One Page Web Site will no longer be sufficient. From the colorful One Page web site, you can have Aladeen Design put together a powerful customized website. Aladeen Design offers many different packages to suit your particular needs and budget. Aladeen Design has over fifteen years of extensive design experience using the latest, state-of-the-art, industry-specific technology for web design. Check out the different design packages of our partner company and view their work samples.

STARTER Website Package
[3 to 5 pages] Suitable for the small business or individual who wants a broader internet presence.
For Details

BUSINESS Website Package

[8 to 12 pages] When you want to convey a lot more information about your business, services or products…
For Details

CUSTOM Website Package
When you need a web site that includes ecommerce, interactive search, information collection, let us discuss your custom site needs.
For Details

Starter Website Samples

Business Website Samples

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