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To help Muslim business owners improve their businesses and compete in today's market we have made these Muslim business articles available. If there is a particular business topic you would like to read about, please let us know. Also if you have any comments about an article or would like to submit your own business article please email your information to contactus@muslimbusinessusa.com.

What the Muslim Business Directory can do for Your Business
A Muslim business has the primary responsibility to grow and to reach out to the market for its products and services. In these days of the Internet, a Muslim business directory is your best resource and guide to the businesses and services available for the Muslim community. more>>
The Islamic Tradition for Muslim Business Commerce
Islam is the only major world religion founded by a businessman. Partly for this reason, Islam has never had any hostility to the profession of the merchant or to Muslim business . In the traditions called Hadith, the Prophet (SAAS) is reported to have said, “The truthful and trusty merchant is associated with the prophets, the upright, and the martyrs.” more>>
Islamic duty of Muslim Companies
Islam is a religion that is supportive of trade and commerce and is unabashedly pro-business. It lays down detailed rules as to how Muslim companies and other Muslim businesses should conduct themselves in business. At the same time, Islam tries to ensure support for the weak and feeble. more>>
Muslim companies seek halal certification
Halal Certification for Muslim Companies in America
As everywhere in the Islamic world, Muslim companies in America have to follow the rules of conduct in the Shari’a, especially the concepts of what is Halal – that which is permissible – and what is Haram – that which is not permissible. The Muslim consumer who wants to be sure about things purchased would want to see guarantees that the Muslim companies in America are practicing Halal. It is therefore to the interests of the Muslim business owner to get a Halal certification. more>>
Muslim companies seek parternships Muslim Companies in the U.S. should seek Partnerships
In order to be able to establish more Muslim companies in the USA, Muslims must learn to build durable partnerships among themselves. Most failures in business partnerships is that the partners often keep inside their hearts what should be discussed openly. more>>
time to run Muslim Business online Muslim Websites
But being the owner of a Muslim business, you would put up Muslim websites for business purposes, with the intent of selling a specific product or service. As you go through the process of creating your online store, bear in mind some important things. more>>
target market Online Muslim Business - Knowing Your Target Market
When deciding upon an online Muslim business venture, or upon deciding how to run an online Muslim business, a very important concept to understand and remember is that success depends largely on your familiarity and your level of know-how regarding the industry. more>>
The Benefits of the Online Muslim Business Directory
There are many positive results from being in a business directory. Many businesses, large or small, have reaped tremendous advantage for their business through a business directory listing. There can be all sorts of directories, where the classifications and categories make it easier to locate businesses. more>>
The Benefits of a Business Directory
If you operate a business, you should make sure to use business directory listings. Each time you place a link in a new location, it’s like adding another doorway to your business or putting up another sign that announces the existence of your business. more>>
Muslim Directory
A Muslim directory offers a unique profile of businesses and services which provide products that are uniquely Muslim, that are used by Muslim clients, which are owned by Muslim owners, or even for typically Western products for which a market may exist among Muslim populations. more>>


Islam is a way of life

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